Scuba Fitness: Aerobic Exercise Improves Mental Performance For Divers

Dr. Oz Belly Blasters

Aerobic exercise improves mood stability often allowing those under a doctor’s care to reduce anti-depressant and anxiety medications. Improvements in self-esteem, increased confidence, and a more positive outlook for the future are also benefits of the effects of physical activity on brain chemistry. Studies indicate that aerobic exercise improves mental acuity resulting in better concentration, enhanced ability to direct thoughts, and improved memory, all important mental performance activities for divers. Further neurophysicological advantages include a reduction in the symptoms of diseases such as Parkinson’s, improved sleep patterns, and diminishing the craving responses during smoking cessation. Cardiorespiratory fitness is essential for scuba diving .
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Yourwellness Magazine Debunks Fitness Myths

The article, aFitness initiative has high hopes for event,a explained that the Live Life to the Full in Belgrave Project is organising a mobile rock climbing wall in the car-park of Tamworth Enterprise College a and is offering the experience for free for 12-18-year-olds. Councillor Jeremy Oates, Cabinet member for Community Development, commented, aImproving the health and wellbeing of the people of the town is one of Tamworth Borough Council’s priorities and the provision of a climbing wall at half term is an exciting new part of this project.a ( ) Inspired by the projectas aim to teach people about fitness, Yourwellness Magazine explored some of the major fitness myths. Yourwellness Magazine explained, aWhen it comes to wellness myths, nothing is as dangerous as those related to fitness. If you adhere to certain false principles, you could put your wellbeing at risk to injury, or at least impede your progress and performance.a ( ) Yourwellness Magazine outlined four major myths that are dangerous to believe: 1. Abdominal muscle workouts, such as crunches, are the only way to achieve flat and toned stomach: Yourwellness Magazine explained that abdominal muscles are covered with body fat and so a combination of cardio and weight training is needed to tone the stomach area.
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Technogym: Taking fitness to a new era

This cooperation has taken to the development of wonderful Personal line and to the Technogym Village project, our new HQ in Cesena we inaugurated last year and has now become the global reference point for the promotion of a wellness lifestyle. How important is pricing to your company? Our positioning is on a premium market and we are the only company able to provide a total wellness solution made of not only equipment but also, apps, devices and contents, interior design services, training and education programmes, marketing support for our clients, a strong after sales service. Before developing your products, what are the questions you ask yourself? Research and innovation have always represented the key values behind the development of products and services. We work always keeping in mind the need of the end-user.
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