Content About Sports Nutrition

All of the product facings feature a picture of the doctor who helped develop the particular formula. January 26, 2012 Operating out of Syracuse, N.Y., Freeman Formula introduced several sports nutrition products at last week’s ECRM Vitamin, Diet & Sports Nutrition EPPS conference in Atlanta, including a uniquely packaged ready-to-mix meal replacement option branded the Freeman Formula Complete Meal. January 26, 2012 Integrity Health Products is bringing a line of diet aids from Canada, specifically targeting women between the ages of 30 and 50 years, to the U.S. market. January 5, 2012 The Vitamin Shoppe on Thursday announced the launch of a sports nutrition supplement line called True Athlete. October 12, 2011 Joint Juice on Wednesday announced its acquisition of the Premier Nutrition Brand.
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Some nutrition and diet studies may overstate results

“Whether it was a private foundation or government entity or for-profit organization, funded studies generally had in our study, less overstatements of results by authors,” Menachemi said. If researchers are overstating their results, the media is probably overstating them too, he added. “I think it’s overwhelming for the average person out there who is bombarded with so much information and frequently he or she doesn’t always have the scientific tools available to be able to determine how much of it do I really need to take in and change my practices and how much of this is just interesting information,” he said. Overstating study results can cause problems for professionals as well as the general public, researchers said. “I think the study was very enlightening, for sure, and frankly I think the authors have brought attention to an issue that needs to be addressed both within the scientific community as well as within the media,” dietician Joy Dubost told Reuters Health. Dubost is a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and wasn’t involved in the new study.
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Nutrition and healthy eating

Jennifer Nelson is your link to a better diet. As specialty editor of the nutrition and healthy eating guide, she plays a vital role in bringing you healthy recipes and meal planning. “Nutrition is one way people have direct control over the quality of their lives,” she says. “I hope to translate the science of nutrition into ways that people can select and prepare great-tasting foods that help maintain health and treat disease.” A St. Paul, Minn., native, she has been with Mayo Clinic since 1978, and is director of clinical dietetics and an associate professor of nutrition at Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. She leads clinical nutrition efforts for a staff of more than 60 clinical dietitians and nine dietetic technicians and oversees nutrition services, staffing, strategic and financial planning, and quality improvement.
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